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Dive trips in Phuket – Thailand

Underwater you can expect a colorful amount of tropical coral fish, countless shells, snails and nudibranchs, beautiful hard and soft corals and sharks, rays, groupers, turtles and with a little luck big fish like manta rays and whale sharks.
We dive in small groups. Per dive guide maximum 3 divers, mostly less. In the groups (except on request) no beginners and experienced divers are mixed. If you have the necessary experience, you can dive alone with your partner. There are no dive time limits at Poseidon. If you are economical with your air, you may dive long!
On board the Poseidon you are in a cosy environment without hectic rush. With its two decks, the ship offers plenty of space and freedom. Only a maximum of 15 divers are taken on board so that there is more than enough space for everyone. During the surface interval between dives a good lunch is served. Drinking water, coffee, tea and fruit are always freely available. And soft drinks and beer (for after the dives) are in the well stocked cool box.
The Poseidon is equipped with radio, GPS, echo sounder, emergency oxygen, bandage skating, spacious and clean toilet, freshwater shower, storage space for private diving equipment and washing facilities for the diving equipment.

Dive trips in Phuket

Dive in Phuket and enjoy many beautiful dive sites. The day trips take you to the islands, reefs and wrecks around Phuket. Underwater you can expect to see tropical coral fishes, nudibranches, colourful hard and soft corals, sharks, rays, groupers, turtles, and with a bit of luck, big fish like manta rays and whale sharks. Klaus is the contact person with the experience for all your questions about marine animals and their behaviour. And Stefan is our expert for all questions about diving courses and evening entertainment.

Your dive boat in Phuket

is the Poseidon. When you dive in Phuket you are in a comfortable environment. The ship offers space and freedom on its two decks. It has a clean toilet, a fresh water shower and storage space for the dive equipment. On board are a radio, GPS, depth sounder, emergency oxygen and a first aid kit. The Poseidon is built for safe navigation in all weather conditions. She has proven her seaworthiness in many rescue missions. As has her crew! Since the owners are on board every day, you can feel safe and you´re in good hands.

Dive groups

We prefer small groups. A maximum of 3 divers per dive guide. Beginners and experienced divers are not mixed. If you have enough experience, you can dive in Phuket just with your partner. If they wants to. There are no div time limits. If your air consumption is low you can dive for a long time!. Only a maximum of 12 divers will be taken on board. There is more than enough space for everybody. There is no crowding or jostling.. And no preferential treatment. “Old hands” and “fledgling divers” co-exist peacefully together! We board together, we lunch together. But everybody dives at her or his own pace and level.

Life on board Poseidon

Dive in Phuket and during the surface break enjoy a tasty lunch. Water, coffee, tea and fruit are always available. Cold drinks are in the well-stocked ice box. Diving in Phuket is not only a great experience under water. With us you’re in good company. On the way back the last dives are discussed, the dive spot for the next day, an upcoming safari, or we just chat about the evening together. At Poseidon Diving in Phuket you are not like a supermarket customer who just gets served and we get your money. We try to meet your needs. And hope to win you as a friend. Just like our regular guests.

Poseidon Diving Phuket offers:

  • Individual diving in a calm, relaxed atmosphere
  • Professional service, friendly and helpful staff
  • Individual diving in a calm, relaxed atmosphere
  • Professional service, friendly and helpful staff
  • No group pressure, small dive groups, no dive time limits
  • Several different dive sites
  • Modern rental equipment, Nitrox, underwater cameras
  • Daily dive trips to islands and reefs around Phuket
  • Two- and three-day dive safaris to PhiPhi, Koh Hah, Hin Daeng
  • Three- and four-day dive safaris to Similan, Koh Bon, Richelieu Rock
  • Dive courses for beginners, experienced divers and special courses, introductory diving
  • Night dives, wreck diving, cave diving
  • Complete dive holidays, including flights, accommodation, diving package
  • Room reservation in all comfort classes, airport transfers, shore excursions in Phuket and all southern Thailand
  • And not forgetting our beautiful dive trips to Indonesia. All dive trips in Phuket, dive courses and dive safaris are led by experienced European dive instructors and local dive guides.